Logo for a game by Norwind Interactive. The game is a social town building in which players cooperate to create houses, farms, and other structures.


Astraea is an open ended multiplayer sandbox game that lets you build a town, run a farm and make lots of friends!

** NOTICE – Astraea is currently in early alpha. We recommend waiting until the game is finished before purchasing.

– Build your very own town and have villagers move in! No where is off limits!
– Visit the central social hub – a big city that everyone can visit together! Go shopping, play activities, dance, and have fun with friends (and make new ones)! (Coming Soon)
– Gather resources (wood, stone, gold)
– Plant and harvest crops!
– Raise your own animals! Cows and Chickens. Goats, Sheep and more coming soon!
– Online multiplayer! Visit other players towns, or have them visit you!
– Cross Platform! The game will be running on a boat load of platforms and your town can be saved online (so you can play on your Windows PC then play on your Mac later!)
– Go fishing with friends!
– Ride a horse!
– Offline mode!

– Norwind Interactive

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